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We are Comodo HackerSafe certified, encrypted, and protected by Secure Sockets Layer. Your personal and Heavy Vehicle Use Tax information goes directly to the IRS and no one else.

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We are an IRS-authorized 2290 e-file provider. We work closely with the IRS to provide you with a safe, secure, and accurate process that will save you time and money when you e-file 2290 and receive your stamped Schedule 1.

Form 2290 Schedule 1 - Proof of HVUT Payment

A stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1 is proof of your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) payment which will be sent by the IRS to you once you file your Form 2290. Even If your vehicle is suspended, you are still required to submit your IRS Form 2290.

This Schedule 1 can also be used as proof of HVUT payment while registering your vehicles in any state. So, it's always good to have your Schedule 1 handy when you are on the road.

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Filing Form 2290 and getting schedule 1 isn't complicated when you choose to e-file your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax.

Just provide your business name, address, EIN (Employee Identification Number), signing authority details with the Vehicle Identification Number and the gross taxable weight of each vehicle you are reporting.

Review your Form information, and file it directly with the IRS. You will then receive your Form 2290 schedule 1 within just a few minutes
after your filing.

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No matter where you are. You can e-file Form 2290 conveniently and get your Stamped Schedule 1 right from your mobile device. Just open your phone’s browser and go to or download our free 2290 mobile app to complete your filing.

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Form 2290 Schedule1

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“This is the first time I’m filing IRS Form 2290, and it’s super easy. I called the other guys, and nobody answered the phone. You guys picked up right away. So far I’m thrilled, and I will be recommending you to my friends. Thank you so much!”

- Joe G, Ohio

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